Ok, so those of you who know me, know that I am an admitted Pinterest addict.  I have seriously considered having my husband put a parental control on the site so I don't spend so much of my time pinning new ideas.  Most of the time I pin anything that catches my attention, with the intention of going back and looking at the links when I have time.  I first looked at the incredibox link last month on my ipad, and since of course it is flash based, (grumble grumble thank you for not working well with others apple ) it wouldn't play, and I dismissed it.  Finally saw it on my laptop today and I am in love! 

At first glance it is a cool music mixer a little bit like Groovy Jungle.  My kids would have an amazing time creating their own a'ccappella arrangements.This little hipster looking dude pops up shirtless and you drag over an icon which not only gives him some sweet threads but also a beat, melody,harmony, or vocal effect. You can record your arrangements.  Not only that, you can layer in parts, change parts in the middle of the recording, temporarily mute certain parts just by clicking a character. 

As I was first using this as a fun toy, I thought of all of the teachable moments that could come from this website.  We can dissect and isolate parts and see how they fit into the big picture.  I can relate it back to our ostinatos on orff instruments and how they sound simple when they are alone but combined they create a complex and interesting sound.  We can talk through compositional choices, like which sounds seem to fit together and why. Why can't you have all vocal effects?

I might have to get a bit campy and after the students create electronic versions, have them create an instrumental version with them play dressed up like the incredibox singers.   

I am hoping an ipad app becomes available for this if anyone hears anything please let me know.

Have fun with incredibox, beware you may need to put a parental lock on it too it is so addicting.


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