Well, everyone else has a blog, so I figured it is high time I jumped on board.  Smartboards, I-pads, Pintrest, Prezi...I love using technology to enhance learning and the lives of my K-5 music students.  I'll be honest though, while I feel like a digital native, I don't speak the language in my classroom enough.  Like many, I get bogged down by how much there is to teach and how little time. 
      I just calculated how much time I will spend with students next year. 36 hours! Only 18 for the half day kindergarten, and that does not include snow days, assemblies, field trips and the 5 minutes where I am waiting for my class to show up.  Those 5 minutes spread across 72 lessons, by the way, adds up to a whopping 6 hours, that is 12 full class periods. Someone please check my math and tell me I am wrong because otherwise I might puke!
      Armed with this information, I am now more committed than ever to making my instruction as purposeful as possible, which takes planning.  This blog is meant to be a sounding board for new ideas, a personal push to try new technologies in music creation with my, and a platform on which to share student work.  To hold myself accountable, I promise to blog and post a new technology that I have used on the 9th of each month. Hope you'll share your thoughts as well.

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    Heather Repasky

    I'm a new mom to Mr. Owen Repasky and am blessed to live and work in a district that supports music and the arts. I teach music k-5 and have an after school choir.  I obtained my Bachelors of Music Ed from Bowling Green and Music Masters with Kodaly Certification from Capital University.  


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