I love Kindergarten!  The work we do in Kindergarten sets the foundation for everything else they will learn.  In one of my Kodaly classes, the teacher told us in Hungary they take their best and brightest, the most talented music teachers and let them teach Kindergarten.  Not to mention Kinders love to move, sing, and play without abandon... and are so stinkin' cute you could gobble them up.  So this summer I really tried to dedicate my time into strengthening my Kindergarten curriculum.  I started with my I can statements, looked at what songs and actvitities are the absolute best ways to help students reach their goals, and threw out everything else.  I also created a book of songs and activities for students to take home that will show parents exactly what we do in the music room and let them continue to make music at home.  I posted the pdf of my book for your thoughts and ideas.  If you would be interested in an editable copy for your own usage let me know.
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    Heather Repasky

    I'm a new mom to Mr. Owen Repasky and am blessed to live and work in a district that supports music and the arts. I teach music k-5 and have an after school choir.  I obtained my Bachelors of Music Ed from Bowling Green and Music Masters with Kodaly Certification from Capital University.  


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