Mr. Owen, currently napping, has his first birthday party this weekend and has given me more joy and more to think about in a year than I ever thought possible.  I've been reading a lot about how boys learn, how they play, and how they are different from girls in more than just the anatomical sense.  I see things I have read play out in his need for speed, destruction, short breaks after play, and how much he love his momma :) I wonder if education, originally meant only for boys has left them behind. 

 I don't do a lot of sitting still in the music room, but because of space constraints I do a lot of "move like this" or very reigned in creative movement.  Maybe we'll take it outside this year and let them run free.  Like a good Kodaly teacher I pride myself on my transitions, but maybe my boys need more time to wind down and ease into those periods of concentration. Why is it my boys are always losing the right to play the instruments because they aren't using them appropriately.  Maybe I can create some exploration centers where kids can make any sound with instruments, before being asked to make specific sounds.  Seeing my son handle everything I know I need to make music a more tactile experience for my boys. I have manipulatives but mostly paper or felt.  I think a lego rhythm activity is in order.  Maybe some vocal development in sand or bags of finger paint. 

I'm certainly not an expert on boys, but having Owen has given me a different perspective and as he grows so will my understanding.

Any tricks you use to help boys

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    I'm a new mom to Mr. Owen Repasky and am blessed to live and work in a district that supports music and the arts. I teach music k-5 and have an after school choir.  I obtained my Bachelors of Music Ed from Bowling Green and Music Masters with Kodaly Certification from Capital University.  


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