Ahhh... a new year, a new start after an extended maternity and a weird return to teaching.  I am always so excited to start a new year full of hope and certainty that this year, this year, I'll get it right.   I am changing a lot of things in my curriculum this year so I thought a change in my decor and rules were in order as well.  I promise to post pictures as soon as I am able.  

NEW RULES with a music twist are...
Respect all people, things and places
Only do your very best
Come in and line up singing or smiling
Keep yourself and others safe

I plan on using the music K-8 song "We Rock" as our entrance song this year and instead of verse 2 doing a rap of our rules.  Not very "Kodaly" I know, but I don't care.

I am going to use a clip system like classroom teachers only I will use magnets on my filing cabinet by the door. Keeping with the ROCK theme, categories are
You've Gone Platinum!!! - your work demonstrates superieor musicianship skills
Super Star!! you are going above and beyond expectations
Rock On! you are doing exactly what you should be doing, thank you.
Oops- you made a mistake, you can turn it around
Join the Audience- sit and watch the class to see what you should be doing
Time to Practice More- schedule a time with Mrs R and your family for you to come in and practice what you should be doing.
Cancel the Concert- leave the classroom immediately to meet with the principal

Everyone will start on Rock On and have the opportunity to move up or down. I like having the opportunity to acknowledge those that do continually go above the call of duty.  I like the analogy of cancel the concert. We will talk about how you can go straight to that if you are dangerous, just like if there was a fire at the concert, it would be cancelled immediately we wouldn't wait to go through all the other steps first.

I've always had a communication sheet that goes back to the classroom teacher.  My classes are all back to back and rare is the time that I have to chat with teachers about how their class behaved.  This year I am getting smart and eco friendly. Each teacher will get a ROCK chart inside a pocket protector that also has each student's name on it.  After moving their magnet, students will also put a mark on their chart, which can be wiped clean for next class, because everyone gets a clean slate on a new day.

Downloads below... Please let me know what you think. I'm dying to know if I'm just talking to myself or if anyone actually reads my blog.
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Susie V.
08/11/2012 12:41pm

Love reading your blog! But couldn't download the files. Could you put them in a different format? Thanks for your thoughts!

08/30/2012 7:41pm

Sorry susan I think its a publisher file, try opening it at school.


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